Mom, I Climbed The Wrong Mountain


Nearly three years ago, my daughter Avry was experiencing a very dark moment in her life. In the light of grief, she discovered herself looking at her life from a different perspective.  One afternoon, I received the following email:

      "Mom, I've spent my entire life 'climbing this mountain'.  Today, I realized I climbed the  wrong mountain and I don't know what to do."

      I replied:

"My dearest daughter, 

     Put on your hikin' boots, Sunshine! I'll carry your backpack and we'll trudge down this big rock and climb the next mountain together."



     It took time and courage for Avry to set new goals, priorities and steer her life in a new and more meaningful direction. However, through her journey she came to discover that her darkest moments had served a greater purpose.  

     Today, Avry is grounded and standing tall on the 'right mountain' in life with a great career and beautiful family!          

What I Have Learned:

  • The light is most clearly seen in the dark. And sometimes life's blessings are disguised in those dark moments. The dark gives us cause to stop and re-examine who we are, what we want and recognize the need for change.
  • It's okay, when we have lost our way, to stop and ask for help from someone who has walked a mile in our hikin' boots.  
  • Change doesn't happen overnight.  It takes time to trudge down the mountain, right the wrongs, re-prioritize our life, clear a new path and make a new beginning.
  • Burdens are meant to be shared. Sometimes we need to let go of our heavy load and let someone carry our backpack while we rest, regroup and rebuild that which is broken.

Start climbin',