The Man In The Marble

Several years ago, I was overwhelmed with a chaotic life.  So chaotic in fact, that I remember the day I grabbed, what I thought was my hairspray, and sprayed my entire head with a can of Lysol!  After I choked back the fumes, I confronted the woman in the mirror and said, "Girlfriend, it's was time for you to make a change."
In the midst of tragedy, I found myself with a desire to live a simple and more meaningful life. And I remember reading somewhere that the famous painter and sculptor Michelangelo found an abandoned, damaged piece of marble.  He took the marble and with his chisel began to carve the gigantic David.  Michelangelo the creator, took up his tools and knowing David was somewhere in the enormous chunk of marble, simply chipped away everything which was not David, setting the man inside the marble free.  

I prayed, “Lord, I too want to be set free.”
                                                          What I Have Learned

FORGIVE YOURSELF. Like that chunk of marble, life can leave us abandoned and damaged.  The business failed, the marriage ended, the job was lost, the kids moved out, the deal fell through.  No doubt, you are lonely, worn-out and tired.  But if you want to move forward in life and in love, you must forgive yourself.  Understand that you did the best you could with the life skills you had at the time.  Let it go and leave the past where it belongs.  Behind you.    
BE YOURSELF.  Michelangelo didn’t copy but rather created an authentic David.  He didn’t try to  adorn David with additional materials or empower him to be anything more than a man that emerged from a damaged, abandoned chunk of marble.  God created a masterpiece when He created you.  Be that masterpiece. 
FREE YOURSELF.  The marble that surrounds you is the wall that you have built around your heart to protect you from being wounded again.  Let God dismantle that wall and teach you how to love and to be loved again. Do you want a meaningful life? Do you desire a beautiful relationship, a successful career, and a happy home?  Today, ask God to get out His bag of tools and allow Him to chip away at everything in your life that is not you or for you.  Let Him set you free.
Life is short.  Enjoy life, live passionately, love deeply.