Personal Coaching Guidelines

1.  I will empower and support you into action by providing suggestions and offering solutions to your issues. I am, however, not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist.

2.  I will help you understand the importance of living a balanced life by showing you how to bring all areas of your life together in an organized manner in order to achieve an overall well-being.  

3.  I will share my personal experience, knowledge, and expertise in a supportive and positive environment without attachment.

4.  I will help you build, improve and maintain healthy relationships.

5.  I will show you how to develop your self-esteem and take responsibility for nurturing the most important
relationship you have and that is the relationship you have with yourself.  Before you can love others, you must first know how to first love yourself.

6.  I will not judge you or your decisions.  I will empower you with the skills and decision making tools that will assist you in making the choices that you feel are best for you.

7.  I will uphold the highest standards and ethics with you. The relationship I have with my you is placed above the needs I have for my business. I will not use my  coaching as a means to seek or pursue personal gain.

8.  I will continue to improve in my life by continuing my education, personal development, and relationship expertise by living out, in my own personal life, the values, standards, and principles I encourage, empower, and support.

9.  As your personal coach, I will live by example