Relationship Bootcamp

You are more than a doormat to be walked across or an object to be used! Today is a new day,

my friend.  Do not settle.  Let me help you... I PROMISE this WILL NOT be easy but it WILL BE worth it.

For the next 30 days I promise myself, my family, and my friends:

I will NOT call, email, text, or contact Mr. Wrong.


I will DELETE his phone number, photos, text messages, emails, and any other

information I might have.

I will FOCUS on my hopes, dreams, and desires for my future. I will make a list of goals

for every area of my life and email those goals to

I will read, research, and seek out information on self-esteem and healthy relationships.

I will take responsibility for nurturing the most important relationship I have and that is

the relationship I have with myself.

I will NOT go to a bar, singles event, or online dating service. I will spend this time

reconnecting with my faith, family and friends.

7. If possible, I will join and attend the Single Women Support Group at: http://


I will hold myself accountable by checking in with Marsha, my family, or my friends on a

daily basis.